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About Pleasant Township


Pleasant Township is one of 15 townships in Seneca County, Ohio. It is located in the north central area of Seneca County. The townhip's facilities are located in the unincorporated village of Old Fort at 850 Township Road 15L, Old Fort, OH, 44861 behind the Old Fort Volunteer Fire Deparment's main station. The population of the township is approximately 1680 residents. The township maintains about 41 miles of roads.


Pleasant Township meetings are held at 7 P.M. the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month at the township house. Except for first meeting in February which will be held Tuesday February 6th at 4 P.M. These meetings are open to the public.

TELEPHONE: 419-992-4519


Doug Stacy 419-680-6289

Dave Kingsborough 419-355-2767

Bill Biller 419-680-0025


Road Supervisor: Adam David

Fiscal Officer: Jeanette Fry

                         Jenny Adelsperger

Zoning Inspector: Adam David 419-992-4519



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